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Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs Available Online

Earning a degree in psychology provides a solid foundation from which to launch a variety of career paths. Students majoring in psychology learn about many different aspects of human behavior. Interacting with peers from all over the world in a virtual classroom is a great way to learn about other cultures and develop teamwork skills. This enriches a student’s education by allowing them to gain a broader understanding of human psychology and behavior.

The importance of a bachelor’s degree in psychology earned online is underscored by experiences like these. Studying psychology can help hone your critical thinking, communication, research, and diversity skills, making you a more attractive job candidate across a wide range of industries. Potential fields include case management, business, human resources, social work, research, administration, and psychology. These and other advantages of earning a psychology degree online make it possible for graduates to enter a dynamic and lucrative field.

Is it worth it to get a degree in psychology online?

It used to be thought that getting a degree online was not as good as doing so on campus. Accredited institutions increased their efforts to attract new students as the Internet and other forms of digital communication expanded. Many universities now offer specialized online programs, making distance learning a viable option for millions of students.

Bachelor’s degree programs available online typically focus on preparing students for either further academic study or entry into the workforce. An advanced degree in psychology can open doors to careers in social work, teaching, and counseling individuals with mental health issues. Scientists in the field of psychology also conduct experiments.

Degrees in Psychology: Online vs. On-Campus Options

During the global pandemic of COVID, universities and colleges began offering only online degree programs instead of traditional on-campus ones. All online degree programs share the same faculty and course materials as their on-campus counterparts, making them equally valid.

Online courses tend to be more condensed and rigorous. Since courses can be completed in as little as 5 weeks, online students can save time and money by completing their degrees quickly. If you are currently employed, taking classes online allows you to continue working while earning your degree, allowing you to better balance your professional and personal responsibilities.

In the same way that not everyone would thrive in a fully online learning environment, not everyone would benefit from a degree in psychology. Students who choose to take their courses online must possess these qualities in abundance. Because of this, some students may find online courses more difficult than classroom-based ones. Through online learning, students will also be well-prepared for university-level study. But it also prepares them for the remote post-COVID world, where many people work either part- or full-time from home.

Price of a Psychology Degree: What Is It?

Online psychology degrees can be pricey, depending on the institution and the specifics of the degree. Tuition at public universities (also called state universities) is typically less expensive than at private universities. As an added bonus, the cost of attending an online program is typically much less than that of attending a traditional classroom.

Additional elements include accessibility to funding and current enrollment status. One possibility is that private institutions offer generous aid packages. In this case, a private school could end up costing less than its public counterpart.

It’s common for universities to demand that students complete 120 units before awarding a bachelor’s degree. Universities and colleges typically charge students by the credit hour for their courses. Plus, most classes are worth 3 credits. Here’s an example of using the price per credit to estimate your overall expenditure. Remember that there are sometimes extra charges.

How much does it typically cost to earn a bachelor’s degree online?

Many accredited universities in the United States offer online psychology degree programs at in-state rates, regardless of where the student resides. This is a major perk if you want to attend a university outside of your state but are limited financially because of a specific program they offer. Private universities may offer reduced tuition rates for some degree programs or to active-duty military personnel and veterans. Make sure you investigate the availability of student aid at each institution of higher learning.

To find out if you are eligible for federal financial aid as an online student, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit it. Schools typically use the FAFSA to consider federal financial aid and scholarships. Before enrolling in an online degree program, you should find out if the school of your choice has a state reciprocity agreement with your home state.

Top 5 Online Colleges for a Bachelor’s in Psychology

1. The College of Drexel

Drexel University, founded in Philadelphia in 1891, was an early pioneer in the field of high-quality distance education. One of its 150 online degrees is a highly regarded BS in Psychology.

Classes will be taught by members of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and you can expect to attend each of the four 10-week terms per academic year. Along with the required general education courses, you’ll take three writing-intensive psychology classes and complete a senior thesis on a wide range of topics in the field. Drexel University gives prospective students a chance to “test drive” their online education by taking a few classes for free.

Utah State University

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah is now home to over 31,000 students who attend classes with a student-to-teacher ratio of just 17 to 1. The U offers a prestigious psychology degree for undergraduates that is grounded in research. All but 53 of the 122 required credits for the BS in psychology can be completed either at the University or transferred in from another institution.

Students receive a comprehensive overview of the field by drawing from four of the five areas of psychology (social, clinical, cognitive, and neuroscience). Cognitive neuropsychology, sensation and perception, neuropsychology of emotions and personality, and brain and behavior are the four major subfields of neuroscience, and all are available to students at the U. Undergraduates in some schools may not learn anything about neuroscience.

3. The Third-Rated DePaul University

If you are a transfer student interested in pursuing a BA in Psychology, investigate DePaul University’s degree completion programs and online offerings. We agree with other ranking services such as U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and Forbes that DePaul’s innovation is among the best in the Midwest.

This course of study features not one but two human development specializations in addition to the standard focus. The necessary coursework will prepare you for future graduate programs in psychology. The primary focus of the human development curriculum is on the actions of children and adolescents.

4 – McKendree University

McKendree University, established in 1828, was the first college or university in the state of Illinois, and it was among the first to offer courses online. Since 1970, this Illinois school has provided working adults with convenient options for completing their bachelor’s degrees online, and U.S. News and World Report has recognized its Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as one of the best in the country.

An online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can prepare you for further study or for the job market. Courses can be taken over either eight or sixteen weeks. Classes in psychology, its theories, and its methods of study are available for students of all ages, from children and teenagers to adults. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of seminars and electives. A thesis and research project are required components of the program. Over 70% of applicants are accepted at McKendree University, and the university accepts students on a rolling basis.

5 – Drexel University

This Philadelphia institution has been around since 1891. Its online courses now have 25,000 students enrolled from all over the world. This research-based online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program will teach you how to help others.

This program will accept up to 135 quarter hours (or 90 semester hours) of transfer credit toward your degree; however, a total of 180-181 quarter hours is required to graduate. To convert from a Drexel semester to a quarter, use the converter. Courses leading to a BS degree place heavy emphasis on research and analysis, and the program specifies certain electives.


According to the latest data from the NCES, psychology is consistently ranked as one of the most sought-after academic disciplines among college students. There are many fields in which knowledge of human nature is useful, if not necessary. One reason for its widespread acceptance is this. If you’re interested in this type of degree but want to know more, this article will help you out.


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