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2023 USA Car Insurance Policy Accessories Cover

Car Insurance Accessory Coverage

Your car is unquestionably a symbol that expresses your personality, sense of style, and aura. Nearly all car owners enjoy spoiling their prized possession with various accessories. After all, these extras make your car look more attractive. Because these auto accessories are expensive, insurance is required. Get these car accessories insured if you live in a neighborhood where theft is common or where natural disasters occur more frequently.

Typically, people choose add-ons out of necessity rather than considering the necessary add-on covers that insurance companies offer along with the basic coverage. But when looking for a good auto insurance policy, the accessories coverage is frequently overlooked.

Let’s examine the importance of having your essential car accessories covered.

What does a car insurance accessory cover mean?

Although most people are unaware of it, car accessories improve the maintenance and comfort of the passengers as well as the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Because of this, your standard auto insurance policy should include the “Loss of Accessories” add-on cover.

You should get the accessories cover if you have installed elegant and expensive accessories like a top-of-the-line stereo system, reverse camera, LCD TV, car dash cam, headlight/taillight modification, etc. Keep in mind that your basic auto insurance will only cover damages or accidents, not for any accessories you may have installed in your car.

Theft-related accessory loss may be covered for an additional premium equal to 4% of the declared value of the accessories in the proposal form.

What kinds of accessories are there for car insurance?

Accessories can be divided into two categories: electrical and non-electrical. However, not all of the accessories are covered by your comprehensive auto insurance policy.

Car accessories that are both electrical and non-electrical

There are various combinations of electrical and non-electrical accessories available from various auto brands. You may occasionally have the choice to pay more for extra accessories of your choosing. Luxury vehicles may come equipped with a completely different set of accessories or more advanced versions of standard accessories.

Here is a list of electrical and non-electrical car accessories in India that are typically included and can be insured.

Electrical components

The typical automotive electrical accessories that can be found on an above-average or average Indian four-wheeler are listed below.

  • Fog lamps.
  • A/C system.
  • A system or music player.
  • Monitor.
  • Full entertainment setup
  • Brake lights

Non-electrical accessories

The typical non-electrical accessories that can be found in an average or above-average Indian car are listed below.

  1. Special covers for the seats.
  2. Leather-seat upholstery.
  3. Bi-fuel systems.
  4. Interior fittings.
  5. CNG kits.
  6. Wheels.

CNG Accessories:

If you intend to install a CNG/LPG kit in your car, you must separately insure the kit because your base insurance policy will not cover any damage to the kit sustained in an accident.

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