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Picoworkers Latest update: How to post a gig on picoworkers?

Nowadays picoworkers is the most popular money earning site among people. so, everyone knows about the picoworkers well. Unfortunately, if you don’t know about this platform, you can check our articles to get more information about the picoworkers.

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Because I don’t like to waste your time by talking about picoworkers. This article is only about How to post a gig on picoworkers?

recently picoworkers released an update, then we can post our gig in picoworkers like Fiverr. So, we can post our gig or hire someone for our work in picoworkers.

Benefits of Post a gig on Picowrokers.

  • Picoworkers only allow expert employers to post gig. So, everyone can’t post gig on picoworkers. but, In fiverr every new user can post gig, So some times the clinet can’t get the good result because the new user don’t has experence.

So, Picoworkers only allowed expert for post gig, then. every clinet can get good result of their projects.

  • We can use our earned money to hier for our projects.

How to post a gig on picoworkers

First of all, you need an account in picoworkers. if you dont have an account read the bellow article to create an account.

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Step 1:

For post a gig. you need to login your account, then find the gig button at the top of the website.

From Picowrokers

Step 2:

After find that, then click on it. after that you will gig menu then click on ” Brows gigs ”

From Picoworkers

Step 3:

After clicked you will redirect to the Picoworkers Browse gig page. then click the post gig at the top rigt corner.

  • Unfortunately, if you not reach advanced level you can’t post gigs.
  • If you reaced advanced level then you can post gigs.
From Picowrkers

Step 4:

If you can post gigs congratulation for you. Fill the informations and post your first gig.

How many categories have to post gigs on picoworkers?

we know picoworkers has lots of categories to do small task. like this we can post our gigs in this categories.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Digital Writing
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Web Design
  6. Photo & Video
  7. Web Development

you can post your gigs from these categories.

Were can i check my account level on picoworkers? and how to increase it?

The stature of your employer influences how well-liked your jobs are. More workers would be completing your jobs as you advance in level.

Based on the total number of points accumulated, levels are assigned. For each job that is posted and for each $1 deposited and paid in the platform, you receive points.

However, keep in mind that prolonged inactivity and refund requests may cause your level to drop.

For check you account level: go to picoworkers > switch to employer > go to settings from your profile > then click account status.


This is the best chance for you. becasue, this is new feature on picoworkers. so, you don’t have too much competitors. so you can easily rank one your gigs. and we will post regularly about new updates.

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