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how to post an auto validated job in Picoworkers

Picoworkers is one of the best freelancer platforms. there are so many workers and employers in Picowrokers. We can make $50-100 per month in Picowrokers.

As a Picoworker’s employer, I like to share an amazing future about picoworkers. That is How to post an auto validated job. If you use this future you can get these benefits.

  • You can save time.
  • you don’t need to verify your job one by one.
  • Picoworkers automatically satisfy or do not satisfy the job

Now, I am going to explain about the auto validated job with some useful pictures. So, don’t skip this article.

firs login to your picoworkers account. after that, if you are in the worker section simply switch to the employer’s section. Because post an auto validated job.

Now, you are in the employer’s section. click the post job button at the top of the page. then you will be in the first step of the post job section.

choose your targeting zone and press apply and go to next button. then you will select the job category. but for example, I am going to select Facebook like. Then press Apply and go to next button,

Now, you will be in the proof section ( step 3 of posting a job ) and you can ask and guide your workers here.

So, in my case, I am going to post a Facebook-like job. so, I want to write an instruction here ( step 3 ).

Check this image for example:-

Then, I will ask for proof to conform that the worker did the job correctly.

How to find out which proof will be suitable to select the auto valid

Now, If the worker did the job, he will provide his name. but, Everyone’s name will be different. so, I can’t choose this proof for auto valid.

But, everyone will like my, my post’s name can’t different. So, I can choose this proof for auto valid.

How to create an auto valid proof.

we can’t require auto valid proof in this section. so, scrawl down and you can see the heading for auto valid proof section.

So you can ask questions as proof. Then, provide your answer. If the worker submits the wrong answer, he will automatically do not satisfy.

For Example:-

I posted a facbook-like job. and I will ask my post name as a question, and my answer will be my name. So, If someone tries to cheat me without doing this job, he will provide the wrong answer and will get not satisfy automatically.

Now, I think you will know about the auto-validated proof. if you have a problem with it just leave a comment


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