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What is the backlink and how to build them in 2022 ?


In this post, I will give you more than 600 backlinks for free. Before starting in just a minute for beginners. what is the backlink and why is important?

If you want to rank one on Google, you must increase the ranking of your website rank. one of the best ways to do this is by creating backlinks.

After you read the full article you will get the following pieces of knowledge

  1. What is the backlink
  2. Why backlinks are important
  3. How to build a free backlink
  4. How to get ranked one on Google with a backlink
  5. How to get a free backlink in 2022

What is the backlink?

simply a backlink is a link from one website to another website

For example: let’s say we have a website A and we have website B. website B link to website A. So, website A got a backlink from website B this is simple.

Backlinks are links coming to your website from other websites

Why backlinks are important?

when another website in your niche link to your website. it means that your website has some resources and some valuable content that people link to you.

This gives a signal to Google that your website is important and increases your ranking in this way. I hope you get the idea

Now, How to get hundreds of free backlinks?

This idea is simple, There are so many websites and tools that have to find backlink websites one of the best websites is and it’s totally free for use

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Source from:
Now, I am going to explain to you about the above image For example let’s choose one row or column 
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Now let’s see How to build backlinks? 

It’s very easy and this is just a simple sign-up. first, you want to choose one of the backlink websites
For example:
I choose


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Source from: 4shared
Then click sign-up to create an account after creating your account just go to your profile setting and update your website data. This is the way to build a backlink to your website from another website.
Just like this image
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So, here is a backlink from 4shared to my website It’s a Do Not Track link but that’s okay. you can check other websites that can be tracked we do the same process so you can get free backlinks to your site.
Of course, I won’t tell you after doing that, you will be #1 on Google in one week of course not just to clear things up and to be honest This tool will mainly help beginners and some website owners kick off SEO to get some backlinks to their website to boost their ranking and help them rank on Google introduction. So, this tool will help you with your SEO strategy.


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