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How to Make Money by Promoting Amazon Wedding Registry in 2022 ?

Hello friends I am feeling happy to envision you in my new post. currently, I am aiming to tell you some attention-grabbing things about the Amazon wedding registry. I don’t like to waste your time, So let’s talk about that.
I want to separate by some categories to explain to you about the amazon wedding registry. There are
  1. What is Amazon Wedding Registry?
  2. How to Make Money with Amazon wedding registry?
  3. How to promote our wedding registry link without getting our account declined!!!?
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What is Amazon Wedding Registry?

let’s give some explanations about wedding registries to beginners, Everyone knows Amazon is a Worl Wild online shopping, It offers a wedding registry for those looking to get married. so, they can create their wedding registry. it’s very easy to create and we need only the following information to create our wedding registry
  1. An Amazon account ( you can create with your email )
  2. marriage girl’s and boy’s name
  3. your home address to receive your wedding products
  4. wedding event date
  5. number of the guest

If you are going to get married soon click here to make your registry at Amazon.

If you create your wedding registry by giving the correct information you can receive your products before your wedding date. because Amazon has faster shipping without any fees.
And one more thing, if they create the wedding registry by your affiliate link you can earn money for it. this is the cool thing.

Benefits of amazon wedding registry

01. If you create an amazon wedding registry you can get your products at the correct date as you give your wedding registry creating information.
02. You can get offers from amazon.
03. you can add your product without any fees and if you wish to delete it, you can do at any time.
04. You can change your registration information at any time.
05. There are so many products, and you can add so many products without fees.
06. You can add different categories of items, like dresses, kitchen items, home decoration things and etc, so you don’t need to spend your time at shops
07. you can easily return your product without fees


How to Make Money With Amazon wedding registry?

First, start the guide of amazon’s wedding registry money-making way, you need to join the Amazon associate program. But don’t worry there has a post about joining the Amazon associate program without getting declined just click here.
after you created an Amazon associate account, Then you start to promote the wedding registry program. Amazon has so many affiliate programs once you joined the associate program you can access all of the affiliate programs and you can also earn money with them.
 ” However I posted about the associate program on my website So, you can check here about it.
Now, let’s talk about the wedding registry program. the wedding registry is an amazon bounty program.
Follow the step to go to the bounty section
01. Login amazon associate account
02. Then find the ” Promotions” section on the top menu bar
03. Then select bounty
after visiting bounty then click “All bounty”
04. Then get the amazon wedding registry program.
05. Then get your wedding registry link.

You can earn 3$ for one registry


How to promote amazon’s wedding registry without getting your account declined!!.

There are so many have to promote amazon products link. for example:-
01. Youtube
02. social media ( Facebook group, Pinterest, etc)
03. Blogger

But don’t worry you can promote your link everywhere ( social media or bloggers ) but the important thing is you want to know amazon about where you promoted your link. if you forget to inform that your account will get declined. But This is the easy way, just visit your account setting and change your website and give your promoted page link

However, I already posted about amazon products affiliate link promoting methods ( social media, blogger )  >>> click here<<<  for get more information and success


Now, I will give an example to understand it.
If you promote your link in a youtube video description you need to add your youtube video URL or your channel URL in the amazon website edit section. or If you promote in the Facebook group do the same thing


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