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How Cryptocurrency Works in 2022 Full Review

How Cryptocurrency Actually Works in 2022 Review Beginner Guide

Hello buddies,

In this post, I am going to talk about some interesting things about cryptocurrency. you can get more knowledge about crypto so read the full article carefully

let’s talk about crypto

All right bitcoin blockchain dogecoin ethereum nfts everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies right now. but good lord what does all of it mean so welcome to the article that will take you from crypto noob to cryptogenius I’m going to tell you what it is why it keeps becoming more important what I have actually invested in myself and the dark side of it.

okay, so when society was in its eassly stages there was no such thing as money. we will call this stage.

Stage 1

The only way to buy something off someone was to go up to them and be like oh I really like your horse I will trade you my cat for it. but the issue with a system like that is even though you might be perfectly happy to give up your horse you just might not want a cat so that trade will never happen but that is where currency came in.

stage 2

Two coins which because they were made of precious materials like gold and silver everyone just accepted that they were worth something you have heard of the British pound right (GBP) well the reason they have called pounds is that one pound literally just used be one pound of silver and so all of a sudden in trade it doesn’t matter for you if you don’t want my cat as long as I have coins we can still trade for your house.

Even if you have no use at all for the silver because it’s a precious material  you have that  reassurance that  you can take that coin  give it to some  else and trade for something that you want convenient right but then this evolved Next stage

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