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how to promote amazon product on our website and social medias in 2022 | How to earn money with promoting Amazon products?

Hello friends, In this post, we are going to talk about some interesting things about Amazon.

After you read this full article you can get the following knowledge.

  1. How to Make Money With Promoting Amazon Products?
  2. Why do We need to Promote Amazon Products?
  3. How Many Ways Have to Promote Amazon Product?
  4. If I am A Blogger Which promoting method will be suitable for Me And what Benefits.
  5. If I Have A Social Media ( YouTube, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Twitter, Etc ) Which promoting method will be suitable for Me, And benefit me.
  6. If I Promoted a Product, What Can I Will Earn?
We Will Guide You Every Step With Pictures

Why do We Need to Promote Amazon Products?

There are so many ways to make money online. But, you can easily make money with amazon. Because, Amazon is a world-wiled online store, and they have so many earning ways from home.

So, I choose to promote my Amazon product to get some commissions. Because Everyone knows about Amazon and its Security.


How Many Ways Have to Promote Amazon Product?

let’s start to promote Amazon’s Products in a useful way.

If you are new to an amazon affiliate. just search google amazon associate and you can create an account. After creating an account. just log in to your account and follow the steps to promote your products and get money without your account getting declined.

01. After login, Select the product link in the menu bar.

02. After selecting the product link. There are 5 options available to promote.
  • Product links
  • Banners
  • Native Shopping ads
  • Mobile popover
  • link to Any Page
Now, let’s see about the benefits of the above options, Then you can select your favorite one to promote and make money. 
Product links

manually you can search your favorite product then get your affiliate link of the product.

Then you can share the affiliate link on the website, youtube channels, Twitter, Facebook page or groups, and your friends.
If you select this way to promote amazon products, 
01. you don’t need a website.
02. you can choose the most sales products and sell them faster
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