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How to use beginners fiverr in 2021 with picture guide?

In This post, I am going to talk about some useful news about Fiverr. It will be useful for beginners and others.

If you read the full page you can know this information.

  1. What is the Fiverr?
  2. how can you earn money with Fiverr tailored to your niche?
  3. which category will be suitable for your niche? 
  4. how to create a “gig” without error?
  5. how to choose your “gig categories”?

What is the Fiverr?

In short, Fiverr is an online money-earning website. But it doesn’t like other affiliate platforms. because they have affiliate and seller services for money earners. we can make money with two types on Fiverr.

Affiliate dashboard.
seller dashboard.

important:- Every sign-up is easy, so everyone can sign up, if you don’t have a website you can join with it. ( If you don’t have a website then a YouTube channel would be an option )

How to choose which is suitable for you on Fiverr?

Now We all know that we can earn money as an affiliate or seller on Fiverr. But, I will help you to choose which will be suitable for you.

01. If you are an affiliate in another platform and you earn with it. so, you can easily promote Fiverr services to your workers and also earn money with Fiverr. So, you can choose the Fiverr affiliate.

you can choose custom items for your niche. simple go-to marketing tools and get your product or service affiliate link to promote it.

affiliate product

For affiliate sign up go to and create your affiliate account.


02. If you know about videos and photos editing, web designing, logo making, Etc.. and the biggest social media profile, you can choose Fiverr seller. and create a “gig” and make money with it.


for seller sign up go to click to join and create your seller account.

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