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How to make money with amazon in 2022 | best Top 06way to make money on amazon without investment

Today, I am going to talk about some of the interesting ways to make money on amazon without investment. First of all, if you read this full article you will know this things.

01.What are the qualification must have to join amazon successfully?

02.How to promote amazon products using amazon banners and ads with photos? 

03. What are the ways to make money from amazon?

04. What are the payment methods available on amazon?

let’s make money from amazon…

now I am going to explain the above heading.

What is the qualification must have to join amazon successfully?

first, as I told you, you must have one of these qualifications to earn money on amazon successfully without getting declined your account.

01. you must need a blog:-   

You can use a free blog like google blogger to join amazon. your blog doesn’t need amazon only, you can use your blog as a sports blog, earning-related blog, selling blog, lifestyle blog, publish how-to videos or recipes, or otherwise get your thoughts and ideas published? You can make money from Amazon while doing that!

But your blog must have an article about amazon and promote Amazon products. if your blog doesn’t have any information about Amazon and doesn’t promote products your account will decline. 

if you don’t know how to promote the product on amazon, click here to know about it

02. You need a YouTube channel:-

You can join the Amazon associate program without a blog, and you need a YouTube channel to join the amazon associate program. if you are a YouTuber and you have a minimum of 500 subscribers and 30 videos on your YouTube channel you can join Amazon Associates. 

after you join amazon associate with your channel your YouTube channel must be active and need to promote an amazon product with your Amazon affiliate link. if your channel is not active and you don’t promote Amazon products you will get suspended.

if you don’t know about promoting products just click and read this guide for promoting successfully

03. You need a Facebook group or Pinterest or Instagram or Twitter and any other social media:-

It’s also like a YouTube channel. if you don’t have a YouTube channel and blog, you can choose a Facebook group to join an amazon associate.


An Important Thing, If you promote amazon product without your website or social media, you must inform that to amazon by giving the page URL under account-setting>Edit Your Website And Mobile App List> add your site link 

If you don’t do this you will get suspended


What are the ways to make money from amazon?

Now let’s see how to earn money on amazon.

there are two type of way have to make money from amazon, but one of that you need to inverts some money to make money that is promote your product with amazon and sell it and earn money, but other one in totally free for make money and join. 

First, let’s see how to make money without investment

01. Amazon Associate Program

That’s the amazon associate program. it’s easy to join and before you join make sure that you have a website (free website or not) or social media and any other free promoting site as I told you above.

once you joined There are two ways have to earn money.


01. promoting products Links. 

you can get your Amazon products affiliate links, promote the affiliate link with your friends and website even email and get sales and earn commissions.

That is how the amazon affiliate program works, but amazon is a biggest company and they have so many products so you can earn easily and get sales.

you can make money minimum of 300$  per month or more 


02. Promoting amazon Promotion.

This is also like promoting products link method but it’s not the only product you can promote online books, audible books, and amazon prime movies if someone buys a book or join Amazon prime with your affiliate link you can get a commission for joining after they buy a movie or book you can get more commission 
It’s can help you to make more money because if you sell a product you can get only a commission but if someone buys an amazon prime movie or Amazon audio book you can get a new user join commission ( lead commission ) and sale commissions.
you can make money like 15$ per day or even more.


02. Work from home as an amazon rep.

With around 650,000 employees across the world, Amazon is soon to become the next big employer. 
Naturally, not all of those employees work at Amazon’s headquarters.
In fact, many of Amazon’s employees are remote employees who work from the comfort of their own homes.
This is the right time for you to join the Amazon customer service team and work from the comfort of your home. The customer service team is spread across 130 locations across the world and supports 16 languages. So, you can join and make money easily.
You can join in amazon jobs on their website or search google. and you can make money like 30$ per week.


03. Amazon Influence.


If you already have a thousand followers on your social media being an Amazon influence can help you rank in some good money through commission earned by promoting products on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel, etc.
It’s an easy way to promote take some notes about the product and get a banner or some image and start to promote and earn commissions.

04. sell your own product ( t-shirts, mugs, straw hats, hats, handmade products, and more ) through Merch by Amazon.

At Every home, there will be a girl or boy do something special with their hand like paper gifts, or designing and something more. 

So, you can sell your designing ideas on amazon merch. Amazon merch is a print-on-demand service offered by Amazon that lets you sell your product design without any upfront cost.

if you like to earn money with it, you need to join amazon merch first. it’s totally free to sign up a simple sign up Amazon merch website. once they approved you, then you can start your merch journey on amazon merch.

Now, Let’s see how to earn money on amazon with investment money.

I am going to explain this case in 3 ways to understand it better. before you try this method, you need to spend some your money and time. then you can get too much money.

01. Buy and sell products at Amazon.


There are so many online stores available. for en example AliExpress, eBay, retail stores like Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Etc. you can find some discounters and buy them. Then you resale those items on amazon at a mark-up.

But, my suggestion is to choose retail stores, because retail arbitrage has lost a lot of its luster over the last few years, as Amazon continues to make selling popular brands more difficult. So, you can earn money easily with it

A lot of people start their Amazon selling journey using these methods.


02. Publish your own books on kindle direct publishing.

The Amazon kindle direct publishing allows you to publish your own book on amazon, and according to the amazon KDP page helpContent types typically published using KDP include but are not limited to the following:

  • Novels
  • Book Series
  • Children’s Books
  • Comics
  • Cookbooks
  • Journals
  • Poetry
  • Textbooks
If your are good writer, and story talker. you can sale more books on amazon. I love to read books it will help us to grow up our knowledge. 

Payment Method:- you can use payoneer account to receive your payment from amazon.

Hope This Article Help!

Dear Friends I am sharing you with my experience at amazon. I tried so many time and get suspended, So, please follow my guide to successfully amazon partner. 
my suggestion before you join amazon, create a free blog to join with it. it’s will easy to for all if you join with blog after some month your blog will get traffics and will have some promoted product may be some article too.. 
So, you can apply google AdSense to make money free with your blog.
If you know additional way to make money on amazon, let’s us know in the comment bellow, Good Luck! my buddies….


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