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What is the best domain host in 2021 ? How to buy a domain just 5.98$ with pictures ?

What is the best domain host in 2021?                                           

One of the first steps to getting your personal brand or new business online is to buy your web domain. but there are a lot of different host have for it, but they are expensive. so we recommend purchasing your domain name from Namecheap. because  it’s the lowest website I used ever.


Before we buy a domain the first thing to check to see if the domain and social media accounts are available for the name you want. But you don’t need to use any other website for it, you can check this in Namecheap and if you checked name available you can buy it easily. 


Namecheap – Like their name implies – cheap domain names. This is where we recommend buying your domain. Who is Guard is always free and the renewal prices are less expensive than other domain plat form. Now you have a domain for your business, the next 2 steps would be

1) Get your website up and running.

2) Set up a business email for your new domain.

But you can create your email like or hello@ or myname@ and this also low price at Namecheap.


How to buy a domain for 5.98$ ?

Don’t miss your chance, click the banner

Now i am going to tell you how to buy a domain $5.98 in without any error with picture proofs

It’s will take 5 minutes only and just 4 steps. 

Step 01

go to the website, then sign up with your email id it will take 3 mints only and you can sign up. 

you can get the welcome page like this

step 02

enter you selected domain name at the the search bar, then press search button



Note:- 01. if the name already used, you can’t choice the name and try other name.



            02. if you select domain name cost  is expensive, try with another domain name. because it’s common for all website not only foe namecheap

example:-  see this image the domain cost is 19,999$


step 03

if your domain name cost is not expensive and available, then click add to cart



step 04

go to cart that’s is top of the menu, then click it

after that you will get a page like this, then use this promo code for get your domain from 8$ to 5.98$.


NOTE:- you can use this code for a account ounce only, if you want to buy another domain try another account with this code,


step 04

after you enter this code click apply then  you can buy your domain just 5.98$

Then confirm your order, 

you can conform your order with visa,masterCard, Discover, and American Express, PayPal information.
finally you finished your all step.
If you have any doubt to buy a domain let’s me know the comment section.


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