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What Are the Best Tools to Estimate the Traffic of a Website? and which is batter for you let’s see!!


What Are the Best Tools to Estimate the Traffic of a Website?

I am going to discuss about best tools to estimate the website traffic accurately. I will give most famous and valuable tools to you as a result of my research. So don’t skip any line until end of article.

FIRST of all,

04 Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitors Research

There are millions of active websites on the internet, and many of them are your competitors.

This is why, instead of running from reality, face your competition, conquer your biggest fears, and do everything you can to come up on the top, whether it’s search engine rankings or staying on top of your customers’ minds.

And a traffic estimator tool helps you in this. You can learn about your competitors and benchmark your marketing strategy and website traffic against theirs to do better than them.

So, let’s talk about traffic estimator tools and understand how they can help you.


What is a Traffic Estimator?

A web traffic estimator tool is used to analyze how users interact with a given site. It reflects information about the website, such as the number of site visitors, their sources how much time spent on it, its keywords, SEO, and more.


Benefits of using this tool

Even if your product/service is excellent, you lose your battle if your site does not have good traffic. While this tool will help you to grow up

If you have done everything  alright but you are not getting the results and your competitors are still up then you, this time this traffic estimator tool will help you to know about your competitors strategies, strong, and weaknesses

Also, this tool shows you Shows details the total number of viewers, their interests, and demographics, It helps improve your bounce rates and make adjustments based on user behavior  

Now, let’s find out our best traffic estimator tools to perform competitor research and drive your site traffic.


01. Semrush

Do you want to know about the website traffic of your competitors, potential partners, and prospects?

Even though it is a local Philadelphia company and I know that they work really hard to make it a great tool, SEMrush has never been my favorite SEO tool.

In addition, you can learn mobile vs. desktop traffic ratio plus user engagement. Monitor latest trends and define upcoming players and leaders as well. Also, compare your potential partners’ or competitors’ audience, evaluate the growth, and discover what a user prefers to see on the website.

It estimates our client’s organic traffic at about 1,200/mo, much higher than the actual traffic coming to the site.  It also missed the paid search campaigns that we have done, all of which have been about $1k-$2k mo.

I did a second, more in-depth comparison between Google Analytics and SEMrush’s traffic estimator for two other sites in another post.  Check it out!

Try a plan for free (special 14-days trial to Geekflare readers like you) to experience the platform.

02. similarweb

Similarweb is one of the most popular tools for estimating a site’s traffic.  I do use it (I have the browser toolbar installed) and it does get a decent ballpark estimate of the traffic of a website.  So how close to 549 did it get?


For May, it was pretty damned close.  I can tell you that this website’s traffic does not fluctuate much, and had we done this for the month of March, it would have been a pretty bad fail for this tool.

With all the data accessible, you can build digital strategies by making real-time decisions through the accurate data of your competitors’ websites. Similarweb offers a free plan to gain insights, or you can choose the enterprise plan after talking to a consultant.


03. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best web traffic checkers that helps you see the honest traffic estimate for any webpage or website. It has introduced Site Explorer which allows you to explore paid and organic traffic metrics of any website.

Check up to 200 websites using Batch Analysis Tool at once. You can dig deeper to know the mantra of getting high traffic with quick links and powerful keywords without even being a marketing expert to start with the search.

Are you still confused? Start a trial at just $7 and start digging real-time data. Choose a plan that suits your business at a starting price of $99/month.


04. Alexa

While I read the name I just remember the amazon Alexa name lol!!

Do competitive analysis and drive more traffic into your website with the Alexa estimator tool. Alexa helps you gain insights into a site’s weaknesses, marketing opportunities, and strengths.

Just input a website, and then you will find many ways of growing your website’s organic traffic:

You can install the browser extension to get a free analysis of millions of sites when you browse. You can even get more features with the advanced plan at a $149/month starting price and avail 14 days free trial.

If you have any doubt… lets me know in the comment section


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